Weight Loss

NugX is not a traditional weight loss supplement that burns fat and suppresses the appetite. It helps to lose weight by boosting your testosterone and increasing your muscle mass. This was basically the reason why I chose it over many other diet products: I wanted to get toned, not just slim. The fat gets burned because metabolism increases when muscles develop, so, this product just increases your own body's power to burn calories. The product is all-natural: it contains TestofenR (which contains 50% Fenuside from Fenugreek), Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. It increases the level of testosterone in the body by acting like a hormone rather than boosting hormone production. I feel well, and I have already lost a few pounds after a couple of months on this supplement, but there are some side effects: I have noticed that I am more aggressive and restless than before. I blame it on increased testosterone. Other than that, there are no side effects.

What I like about this product is that it increases my energy level and helps me to gain more muscular mass. I'm a middle-aged man, and my testosterone loss started to show, so I decided to try this supplement. It is great. Now I can exercise much more in the gym, I am filled with energy, thinner and fitter. I ordered a trial bottle first, because of all the negative reviews I read all over the internet, but this product really left me satisfied. I do realize that some products are not for everyone, but I can say for sure that this one suits me perfectly. I feel much stronger, my workouts improved. This is what I call a healthy way to lose weight - you go to the gym and work out instead of stuffing yourself with supplements that suppress your appetite.

This product does work! My sexual performance has improved, as well as muscle strength, and I feel excellent now. I used to take 2 capsules on an empty stomach each morning, which is a low dosage, but then I realized that the product did not cause any side effects, so I started taking the full dosage (3 capsules in the meantime). I saw no progress during the first week, but then, within the next two weeks, I noticed that my muscles got firmer, and my sexual drive increased. I am still on these pills and I like the feeling they give to me, and the effect they have on my body. However, this is basically not a weight-loss product. Some people take these pills having weight loss as their main goal (and then complain about bad results), but this is not what NugX is meant for, on the first place. This is for muscle building and testosterone boost - simple as that.

This product is one of the many out there on the market to milk money from fools. I ordered a free sample, but was charged 75 bucks for it plus the shipping cost. They gave me a full bottle as a trial sample, and charged me for it! Well, I decided to start taking these pills to see what would happen. The positive effects guaranteed by the manufacturer didn't show, but some negative side effects were visible right from the beginning. My blood pressure increased from 130/75 to 145/85 within two weeks, I talked to my doctor, and she told me about the dangers of the ingredients contained in this product (they can cause heart diseases and even prostate cancer!) so I stopped taking these pills immediately after the consultation. Do not even waste your money on this, this product is not just useless, it is harmful. Go and consult your doctor before you are going to buy it, if you still feel like trying this yourself.

I developed hypertension, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and myocardial damage. Also, I had slightly enlarged prostate (I am a 65-year old man), and it also got worse because of this pill. I consulted with my physician and stopped taking this crap to prevent me from further health aggravation< plus I had acquired the problems I didn't have before. So, I wanted to get a refund. I contacted the company and cancelled my membership by phone, so they should have sent me anything, yet they sent me one more bottle and charged my credit card. I sent the two unopened bottles back to them, but got the refund for only one bottle. I contacted the customer service department again; the representative was rude and didn't even listen. I'd strongly recommend steering clear of this company and their products that seem to be made to kill the customers instead of helping them with their health problems.

The manufacturer company has a pretty shady policy: once you order a free sample from them, they consider you signed up for a regular bottle, and they will send it to you and charge you for it without your permission unless you cancel your preorder within 18 days. I didn't know this when I ordered a trial sample for myself, so I was actually forced to buy a full bottle and pay. This is just a tricky money-making scheme to fool the customers. The product itself did nothing to me. It was especially disappointing because the supplement is so damn expensive.