Vitamins and Minerals

- OTrim is a well-known brand of healthy products suitable for people of all ages. I have been a long-time fan of their Weight Management line teas that have always helped me to keep my body weight under control. So, when I read about their new product, the Omni 4 supplement, I decided to try it immediately. I am absolutely satisfied with it! The supplement works like magic: it boosts my energy, strengthens my immune system, and makes me feel really healthy. It comes in powder form, and is added to water or juice. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals, doesn't contain any suspicious ingredients that can harm your health - so, it is absolutely safe. I am on this supplement for a week already, I have become slightly slimmer (well, I didn't need to lose much weight; I just wanted to get a few inches thinner around my hips).

- This is an excellent weight loss product! I am on day 30 and I have already lost 35 pounds. I didn't even expect such a huge weight loss. I'm only 14 pounds away from my overall goal, and I know it will be easy to achieve the result I want. The first week was difficult, because I had some sleeping issues, but then my body got used to this product, and now I feel no side effects. I feel energized, sleep well, and my overall health has improved. I'm so glad that I didn't give up on this supplement during the first week when my body was adjusting to it!

- I used to take OTrim drops, and they had a brilliant effect on me. I lost 17lbs within 20 days, and I felt very well. The drops also helped me to get rid of my sleeping disorder: I used to be up all night because of insomnia, and then sleep all day, but now I can sleep only for 5 hours and wake up fresh, filled with energy, and feeling excellent. This is awesome! As for my weight, it hasn't returned after I stopped taking the drops, so,, do not be afraid that you will have to take them, like, forever. However, as these drops are meant to improve immune system and overall health, not just deal with extra weight; it would be absolutely safe to take them for a long period of time. I can't afford staying on these drops all the time mainly because of their high price, but I consider ordering a bottle of them again someday. It is very important to follow the instructions though, and stick to the diet plan. The drops work perfectly, but there still must be some effort from the customer to get the maximum off the product.

- Weight loss should happen not as a result of taking supplemets, diet pills, or other similar products. They all are not really healthy for the body, and not meant to help you with health isues - these are just the thingies that help manufacturer companies to make millions of dollars on people's laziness! If yiou want to be slender, fit and healthy, steer clear of the junk food, maintain a 1000 calorie healthy diet, go for organic food only, and go to the gym! No pills can be as beneficial for human health as good quality natural food and good workout is. Simple as that. It is ridiculous and actually very sad to see how many people get tricked into buying these drops that can have quite severe side effects, and attempt to starve themselves almost to death by keeping a 500 calorie diet, yet after they finish their diet plan, they go back to their old lifestyle and then complain that the diet products were not efficient enough, or go and buy yet another bottle to keep slim and prevent another weight gain. You better develop some healthier habits, this will help you much more than diet pills or drops like these. Also, such drastic weight loss as described here should not happen too fast, otherwise your body will suffer from many other problems. Yes, the fat will go away, but how about dehydration, digestive issues, malnutrition, anorexia? Do people really want this all happen to them? It is much safer to lose weight gradually and in a natural way. There are just no magic pills, or drops.

- I was looking for a reliable weight loss product, so I started investigating the market to find the best choice for me. Omni drops are quite popular, so I decided to take a closer look at this product, and I am glad that I have done my research before buying them, because this is the product you'd probably want to stay away from for quite a wide range of reasons.

So, I had no desire to try these dubious drops myself, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. There are too many things that make this company and their products (including these drops) untrustworthy.