Protein Powders

I had been hearing about ProgX for a year, but its unusually high price kept turning me away from buying it and trying it myself. However, once a good friend of mine told me that he was getting incredible results with ProgX, and suggested that I tried it too. I work out twice a day, so I really need something that would give me a good recovery. Well, I was skeptical about ProgX first, thinking it was just another protein powder, overpriced for no valid reason. However, I preordered a bag for me. I dumped a single serving packet into my shaker bottle, and gave it a go. I used to try many protein powders, and the only noticeable difference between them was taste. This was not the case with ProgX. This time I really felt the difference! My body got a good and fast recovery from my morning workout, so it wasn't dragging during my evening workout at all. My evening workouts were always less intense than morning ones, but not this time. I was impressed, but not completely sold. So, I took ProgX a few more days, and figured out that this product was really that efficient. So, I finally decided to switch to ProgX completely, because this seems to be the best protein powder on the market; the price is so high for a reason, I suppose.

I've tried a lot of protein powders, but none of them left me completely satisfied. Some didn't mix well with water; many tasted bad, were high on calories and fiber, or had some other flaws that made me keep on searching for a protein powder that would meet all my requirements. So, I ordered ProgX. It was much better than other similar products. It tasted really good, mixed well with water, and gave me much faster recovery than any other protein powder I had ever tried. The only concern was the price: I paid circa $70 for a bag of More Muscle and $60 for Recovery. This is really a lot. However, the product is really worth the money - I find myself going back to it again and again after my failed attempts to find a cheaper substitute.

I really love this product! It tastes great (like dark chocolate, but they have added two other tastes which I haven't tried yet), mixes with water perfectly, and gives my body a very fast recovery. I'm a full time worker, and I squeeze my workouts into my lunch breaks (I'm lucky to have a gym located just across the street opposite to the office I work in). I had been searching a product that would help me recover from my workouts faster, but none of them worked for me as well as ProgX. Honestly, I feel like I could have yet another workout after my working day! I have never been so active and filled with energy before, and sometimes my workouts and work really made me exhausted, which doesn't happen now due to ProgX. Now this is the only protein powder I use.

I bought ProgX because my fitness instructor recommended it to me. He said this product was really different to all other protein powders, and worth the price. However, I see no difference at all! I had the same results with some good recovery products that were much more affordable than this one. I'm not saying that ProgX is bad and useless; I'm just saying that its price is too high for no reason. There is nothing special about this product; at least I don't see the difference. I am not going to buy another pack after this one ends.

This product tastes disgusting - I have never had a protein powder that was so damn bitter! I mixed it with water first, then I decided to use a greater amount of water, and then I tried to mix it with milk. The milk reduced the bitterness, but didn't take it away completely. Also, it left a bad aftertaste in my mouth that I didn't like at all. So, I finished my ProgX Recovery bag and didn't buy another one - I think there are some nice, much cheaper alternatives that do pretty much the same to your body, but are affordable and more pleasant in taste.