Low-Calorie Food

I decided to try LCuisine lunches after I heard that they were low-calorie. I'm a sucker for god foods, but I am also prone to weight gain, so I must watch carefully what I put into my body. Well, there is a really huge selection of lcuisine lunches, most of which are low-fat, but there are some classical, traditional meals, too - a hard choice for me, because there were so many alternatives to choose from, and all of them seemed like great meals. All the meals can be found in Organic Food section, among other frozen products. I decided to try Pomegranate Chicken - I like chicken, and I was curious how this one would taste. Well, the food was fresh and tasted incredibly well after some four minutes in the microwave. It seemed like a good homemade lunch. What an excellent choice for those who prefer natural, home-made foods, but are too busy to cook them on their own. Only thing that slightly disappointed me was the portion - I found it too small. Well, I've always been a heavy eater, so, maybe it's just me, and others will be perfectly filled with this lunch. Delicious as it was, the meal had only 270 calories, so, really not much. The sodium content was a bit too high, though - 500 mg. I'm going to try some other meals from LCuisine, too, but I'll watch out for sodium content. In general, the foods are nice, and what's important, they're natural.

I work 8 to 5, so I don't have enough time to cook for myself. This is why I'm so glad that there are LCuisine dinners available nowadays, they're quick and easy, but also super-nutritious and low-calorie, so if you are on a diet, go for them, these meals are safe. Also, there is such a huge choice of them that anyone can find something to their taste, and you can try different foods and never get bored with one and the same flavor. My personal favorites are the meals from Chef Pick Culinary Collection and Spa Cuisine, but I also like their Morning Collection - they have some pretty good breakfasts there!

I love LCuisine meals! I work in a suburban office too far from the nearest diner to drive there every day; also, I prefer low-calorie foods. So, I opted for LCuisine meals, and have already tried many of them. They're very quick, nutritious, and easy to store in our office kitchen fridge, so I usually buy them and eat in the office instead of going to the diner to have lunch. However, please don't pre-order LCuisine products from Amazon - they have ridiculously high prices there. I actually expected the meals to cost less on Amazon than in the stores, but I was mistaken.

I have bought a LCuisine lunch from my local Walmart store, and I was really surprised and disappointed when I found a piece of tree bark in my meal. I can't even imagine how it happened to get there, but this has totally ruined the reputation of LCuisine for me. The worst is that I was sharing the meal with my daughter who is 19 month old, and quite sensitive to meals. I don't even know what to do now! Should I press charges, go to that store and complain, contact the company and complain, or what? What I know for sure is that I'll never buy anything from LCuisine anymore, and will never recommend its products to anyone. I don't want my relatives and friends get poisoned. Well, my daughter is ok, but what if she'd eaten from that suspicious meal before I noticed the bark, and harmed herself?

I loved LCuisine meals when I was in college, and when I just started to work. I was very busy, couldn't find any time to cook for myself, but I also wanted to eat healthy instead of stuffing myself with junk food that gives you nothing good, isn't really nutritious, but only makes you fat. So, I believed that LCuisine was the best choice. To be honest, their foods are really tasty. They look natural, smell natural, and taste perfect, just like home-made food. So, I used to have their products for lunch and for dinner, and was so happy to find something so delicious, but so low-calorie: until I found out that their foods were likely to be full of GMOs. I decided to investigate when I saw a commercial for their new Honestly Good line of meals, labeled as "100% natural". That sounded promising, but as all the meals contained at least one of the top products that are usually genetically modified (corn, canola, soy and sugar beets), I had a doubt that their meals were as natural as the manufacturer company claimed them to be. So, I called the headquarters, and their customer service representative told me that there was a 70-80% chance that any food containing these four ingredients could have GMOs - including their "honestly good" meals. Well, how can they label their products as all natural, when there is so high chance that they are not? There are some companies that pay millions of dollars to stop GMO labeling, so, such misleading commercials and markings aren't something rare. Just be careful, and buy ingredients to cook your meals yourself instead of buying ready-made foods that can be not really so natural and healthy. At least, this is what I do now.

Maybe I'm just that unlucky, but the meals I bought from LCuisine often were low-quality. I had soggy pasta and vegetables, rubbery chicken, and sometime there was even no sauce in the meal. But I still kept on buying these lunches because I had to eat something quick after work 9I work till 6 a.m. and don't have the time to cook for myself during the week). However, when I found a fly in the box with lunch, I lost my patience and my trust in this company completely. I noticed the dead fly before I even opened the box, so I know that it wasn't at my fault. No, these foods are not worth the money they cost. And have you seen the prices for them on Amazon? They are totally crazy!