Extra Weight

I have tried these pills and I think they're good. I feel very energized, but I don't have jitters or insomnia, and I eat only when I should, while before I started taking these pills as a part of my diet plan, I ate really a lot, much more than my body really needed. This is why all my diets didn't result in weight loss - I ruined it all eating late in the evenings because otherwise I couldn't sleep because of hunger! Now I eat moderately, and it shows - I'm already one size smaller!

What I like about AdRX is that it is made of natural ingredients only (to those who want to know them, here is the list: Chromax, Irvingia Gabonensis (known as African mango), Caralluma Fimbriata, Fucoxanthin, and Standardised Pomegranate (read more mesmerenterprizes.com/demograss-plus-reviews.html). Due to its being natural, this pill causes no side effects on the body, which is very important, because there are many diet pills that do burn fat, but when solving one problem (extra weight) you can obtain a few new ones due to side effects that are quite typical of diet pills. This is not the case with AdPX. Yes, it is not a magical pill that makes you slim without effort, you do need to keep a diet and to exercise, but if you do everything right this pill is really helpful. I've tried it and I'm very satisfied.

I like this product, really. It does work (to those for whom it doesn't the company provides a 100% money back guarantee, which makes me trust the company). I was looking for a safe diet pill because I'm usually sensitive to medicine, so I consulted with my doctor and she prescribed me this pill, I'm satisfied so far. If you also are afraid of side effects you can try this product, believe me, it is good, but better talk to you doctor before taking any diet pills anyway.

I've just ordered one bottle but I was charged on my credit card twice! I was really scared because of this and started to read anything I could find about this pill, and found out that the same thing had already happened to another customer (who reported about multiple charges on Ripoffreport.com). Please be careful with this! On a side note: the reviews of this product are scares, as the product itself is quite new. If you don't want to risk and experiment, opt for a more popular, well-known product, and do read about it a lot before purchasing. This is what I should have done myself, in the first place. Now I am going to contact the manufacturer company to get my money back and there's no way I order anything from them again.

I ordered this supplement at amazon.com for $54.95. Well, I just wasted 60 bucks, because the pill didn't work for me. I have finished my first bottle (this is a one month supply) without any positive effect on my body, I weigh the same as I did before I started taking these tablets. I don't recommend them to anyone.